Our Core Philosophy

I have been involved with various human rights organizations for most of my adult life. I have worked with, and helped, a broad range of individuals with their own unique backgrounds and problems.

Every individual has basic fundamental rights and I am passionate about the importance of defending those rights. I did not grow up rich or privileged, and have worked hard long hours, many at low pay, before embarking on my legal career. I understand the problems of those who have worked hard and now find themselves in severe financial difficulties.

So many good people occasionally find themselves in trouble financially– a job loss, a divorce, an unexpected illness. And the current wave of foreclosure actions by the big banks is only making things worse.

It is important that individuals understand the issues they face, and the options that they have. A well-educated client is a better client and easier to help, because they understand the issues. But people also need to be aware that much of the information they hear, or read online, is incomplete, outdated, misleading, or just false.

Bankruptcy, tax, and foreclosure-related issues are complex areas of the law and are difficult even for other attorneys if they are inexperienced in these matters.

We are happy to tell our clients when we believe they can handle a particular issue on their own, with tips on what to do and what not to do. But we will also tell them when self-representation is not advisable.

We are experienced negotiators as well as technically proficient attorneys. And though negotiation often gives a faster, less expensive outcome for our clients, if a legal fight is necessary, then we fight hard–and we don’t give up.

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