What It Costs

We have successfully saved our clients many thousands of dollars through debt settlement negotiations. In one case we saved an individual client in excess of $300,000. We work hard at what we do, and we do it well. We have statistics from every settlement we have ever done and analyze each case in terms of timing and potential outcome.

We charge for debt negotiation and settlement on a percentage basis. We do not charge a set up fee, a maintenance fee, or a fixed settlement fee in addition to our percentage earned. The more we are able to save you, the more money we make. So you are paying only for results. Because of this, because of our willingness to work hard on your behalf, and because we are a law firm that can also take legal action when appropriate, we are far more cost effective than most debt settlement companies.

What We Can Save You

Most debts can be settled for anywhere from 10 cents on the dollar to 85 cents on the dollar. Our average lies at 30 to 35 cents on the dollar. But we have also settled some debts for $0. That’s right– we have settled debts, from $25,000 to $ 300,000, for absolutely nothing– zero, zilch, nada. How did we do it? Good research, creativity, and a lot of really hard work. Is this type of settlement typical? No. But it can and has been done.

The Process

Prior to actual negotiation with your creditors, there are some preliminary steps that we take to make sure that everything is ready to go at the most advantageous time in terms of getting you a good settlement. We spend some time organizing your accounts, gathering creditor information, taking calls from creditors who contact you, and verifying information.

Debt Settlement versus Bankruptcy

When is it in your best interest to try and settle a debt instead of filing a bankruptcy? That all depends on various facts. We handle both of these areas for our clients, as well as tax issues and other debt problems. If you have questions about any of these areas, call us to schedule a consultation and we will help you explore your options so you can make the decision that is the best one for you.

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